The Warrior Connection is the #1 Beneficiary of this golf tournament. Founded by Dr. Anne Black of Vermont,  this organization has saved the lives of so many veterans that come home with PTS.

The Warrior Connection (TWC) reclaims the ancient tradition of welcoming Warriors home from war combined with a modern mindfulness and expressive arts approach to process what they brought back.

Using this proven method, Warriors are respectfully guided through a nine-station process to revisit their journey before, during and following their deployment. Trusting the body’s innate wisdom and power to heal, this process gives Veterans a pause to reflect on those memories ready to be explored, felt and released. Often the very memories causing their flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia. 

 During a simple, yet powerful, six-day residential process, trained facilitators and mentors create safe and trust-worthy settings where small groups of Veterans are able to face themselves and tell their truth. Here Warriors connect with their life force so they can return to their homes as the friend, partner, parent, son or daughter they want to be. 

 Retreats are staffed with professionally trained facilitators—both combat Veteran and civilian clinician in each.  The retreat season runs from April through October and includes those for male combat Veterans only, for female combat and military sexual trauma Veterans only, and for spouses, partners or family members of combat Veterans.

 Combat Veterans from 17 states have attended these healing retreats, essentially free of charge.

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