Lily Cloutier


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Lily Cloutier, born December 16th, 2009, was not able to meet her father. Lily, who is now 8 years old, could have the best smile a 8 year old could have. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl who loves to stay active. She loves to play golf, go swimming, and spend time in the hot tub.

Born in Clermont, Florida, she would travel to Maine every so often to visit her Grandma Chi and Grampy Mike. She also loves seeing her Aunt Mel and Uncle Matt. Lily currently resides in California with her mom, limiting her time in Maine. She often uses FaceTime to stay in contact with her family in Maine.

She loves to shop and she is so loving towards people and animals. She loves fruit snacks and enjoys school. When she’s home, she does tons of dancing and loves spending time with her two big brothers and older sister.


She has the most contagious laugh ever heard and she’s done so much traveling as a 8 year old. She loves flying on planes with Uncle Matt and Auntie Mel and loves spending time at airport toy stores.

She loves animals, she has two St. Bernard’s at her house in California. She’s so funny and smart. Her Grammy and Grampy certainly spoil her but she is just so loved by her family. She brings light and happiness back into our lives after experiencing such a dark time with the passing of Mike. She means more to us than her or anyone will ever understand. She brought a real true smile back to my dads face and each day we spend away from her we miss her more and more.