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Dear Golfer,

My name is Michael Cloutier and I am the Director of Golf at Point Sebago Resort in Casco, Maine. I am writing you to ask for your support for a very important fundraising event I do each year to help The Warrior Connection and my granddaughter. Her name is Lily Cloutier and this is her story.

In 2018, this will be the 10th Annual MC Invitational Fundraiser for this cause. The money I’ve been able to raise has helped her get the material things she needs that her Dad would have gotten for her had he been alive. I am also doing this in a much larger part this year for The Warrior Connection.

Here’s the story of Lily’s dad and my son Mike:

Mike was a true warrior who fought for our freedom during a difficult time.   Per a message I received from a Platoon Sergeant he was with: “He was by my side through every firefight, door kicking, IED blast, mountain ruck, ambush, and any other event that a war can create. We cleaned up dead men, painted over suicide bomber body parts plastered against our walls, killed our own food and ate it. We were attacked from small arms, mortars, rockets, mines, IED’s, and even had food we bought at markets poisoned. The enemy killed our friends, our animals, but never our spirit. We are/were warriors. Do know that we as brothers fought for 16 long months. We fought in RC East and RC North. Kunar province, Ghanzi province, and Paktika province. As a platoon we patrolled every area that our battalion operated in, as well as some that were not under our command. We fought from our trucks, on our feet, helicopters, and even took over a Special Forces vehicle and cargo truck as ours were bullet riddled from the days prior. We fought through the harsh summer and freezing winter, snowcapped mountains to dusty sand stormed valleys. We had war reporters who were too scared to leave the truck.”

Mike did all this even getting blown up by an IED. On June 30, 2009, Mike died. He died from complications resulting from injuries in Afghanistan, PTSD, and the drugs the VA was giving him. When he died, he had no insurance and no health benefits to pass on to his unborn daughter, Lily.

This tournament is a sellout every year with 40 teams (160 players). Each year we have managed to give away foursomes with carts, gift cards, golf packages, golf clubs, lessons, etc. to the winning teams, auctions, and raffles.

This event will be held on Sunday, October 14th, 2018. If you would like to donate or have sponsorship interests, please email me at mcloutier@pointsebago.com.

I thank you in advance!

Best Regards,


Michael E. Cloutier